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Two Bit's Retro Arcade @ 153 Essex St

153 Essex St
10002 New York , NY
United States
(212) 477-8161
Toilet Paper: 
Expect to bring your own!
Lower East Side
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The Scrawl on the Wall

Hot toddy, gigggly

It's Saturday night on the Lower East Side. This is after using the restroom at Lucky Jacks. By now, I am three hours into this first date when that hot toddy I drank at the restaurant finally kicks in--I gotta go. Luckily, so does he. Already a good sign, wouldn't you say? Nothing says "soul-mates" like synched bladders.

"Know what I love?" I say.
"What?" He says nervously, with this look that says, "Uh-oh, she's going to say me. I knew she was crazy when she said she was reviewing toilets."
"Arcades," I say.
"Oh," he sighs, relieved (or do I detect a hint of disappointment?). "Me too."
"Want to go to one?" I offer.
"Do they have a toilet?" He says.
"Yeah," I say. "Probably."
"Let's see if they have Galaga."

Two Bits did not have Galaga, but they did have a restroom. It was also crowded enough where we're able to slip on line unnoticed. The restroom itself is pretty gross. As I've come to expect with most unisex bathrooms, the toilet seat was up when it was finally my turn to use it. There was soggy toilet paper everywhere, graffiti floor to ceiling-- probably due to the high traffic. But it did have toilet paper, a working sink, paper towels and soap. I peed quickly, still a bit dizzy and giggly from the booze, washed my hands and contemplated challenging my date to a round of tetris.
everybodypoops Female, 25 years old.
New York, New York
On December 19, 2013, 5:33 pm
What I Did in Here: peed, beat the system