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The Plaza Hotel @ 768 5th Ave

768 5th Ave
10019 New York , NY
United States
(212) 759-3000
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Practically a hotel suite!
Midtown West
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Venues & Event Spaces

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Im using this platform as a

Im using this platform as a means to rate public restrooms --especially the ones that can be accessed by anyone.

Anyone who has found themselves in need of the nearest restroom has experienced some pretty low points out of desperation.

The Plaza Hotel has completely renovated and rebranded its basement level with the Todd English Food Hall. The main food hall which houses the Todd English is very nice but not stuffy.

The other portion of the basement houses various food vendors and coffee counters which gives the basement of The Plaza Hotel a much more democratic feel.

...and tucked away in the southwest most portion of the Plaza's basement are the restrooms

Let's not forget, fellow toilet trackers, that this is The Plaza Hotel a beacon of NYC hospitality and luxury. The Plaza has a reputation to uphold and even with the business casual feel of the Todd English Food Hall, the restrooms are still top notch!

There are two ways to get to the basement level restrooms. You can enter through the Todd English entrance at Central Park South and take the escalator straight to the basement. If you're familiar with the basement you can bee lone your way though Todd English to the bathrooms.

If this is your first time down there, ask the receptionist at the entrance of the food hall and they will gladly direct you. If you have a good sense of direction, the men's and women's washrooms are located I'm the southwest most portion of the basement level.

The men's room almost never has a line. The only lines I've experienced were at the height of summer on a weekend when tourists abound in Central Park. The bathrooms are clean. As in "This is The Plaza Hotel" clean. They are tones of white and grayish marble. There are an ample amount of urinals and a few toilet stalls. The stalls are nice with real hardwood doors and marble throughout.

The handicap stall is larger than entire restrooms that I've seen open to the public I'm NYC.

The counters are clean and you will never find homeless people washing themselves down at the sinks. Instead, expect to find a mix of international tourists and locals in need of relief.

...and even though you're at one of the nicest hotels in the world, you won't find any pressure to tip a bathroom attendant -- because there isn't one. There are hand dryers and disposable paper towels but no bathroom attendant.

If you ever go for a walk Or run I'm Central Park and find yourself in need of a restroom accessible to the public, The Plaza is Central Park South's biggest little secret.

5 Stars and 10 Squats.
ToiletTracker Male, 39 years old.
New York, New York
On November 18, 2013, 10:06 pm
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