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Jay & Lloyd's Kosher Deli & Family Restaurant @ 2718 Avenue U

2718 Avenue U
11229 Brooklyn , NY
United States
(718) 891-5298
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Somewhat well-stocked.
Sheepshead Bay
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The Scrawl on the Wall

Daegu Mae Wun Tang: sinuses cleared, bladder full.

This is my go-to spot in Koreatown before things get serious after 6 or 7 p.m. Yet I still come, even when the place gets packed, because by some miracle, the toilets are always clean, the toilet paper dispensers all work the way they're supposed to, and there are never more than two people in the bathroom at once.

The reason for that is there are only two toilets in the ladies room and the restroom itself is quite tiny. Once you open the door to the restroom, there's another door, a stall door, right in your face, which discourages any awkward lingering while listening to the tune of a stranger's tinkle. Since there's literally no waiting room, you stand outside the restroom in a relatively cozy nook, where no one really has to see you and the kitchen door isn't right at your back.

Fortunately, there seems to be a courtesy among patrons that if, for some reason, you don't make it into the bathroom before it reaches capacity, no one crowds you and you are almost always waiting outside by yourself. Maybe it's because people are starting to figure out that conversations initiated in toilet lines are the absolute worst.

So, yes. The bathroom's tiny. But once you get inside the stall, complaints should vanish. It's small, but clean. Not small enough that you're clutching the walls and cringing about it, but small and clean enough that if for some reason you have to touch something, you're not thinking about burning your fingertips and bathing in disinfectant.

Tips: If you're coming here to use the bathroom, you'd better be here to eat, because the hosts and servers are so endearingly attentive that you'll feel guilty for lying if you've come to shit n' ditch. If you've got your conscience in check, place a reservation and kindly ask if you can use the restroom. As I said: endearingly attentive. They probably won't say no. Shit and run if you must.
slackerology Female, 31 years old.
Brooklyn, New York
On November 15, 2013, 8:43 am
What I Did in Here: Let loose a flood or two.