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Hong Kong Supermarket of Flushing @ 3711 Main St

3711 Main St
11354 Flushing , NY
United States
(718) 539-6868
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Expect to bring your own!
Downtown Flushing
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The Scrawl on the Wall

crabmeat & pork steamed dumplings, seafood and spicy dip; gross

I came here last night after getting foot massages with my wife. After an hour long foot massage, I needed to move my bowels, and this seemed like the most intuitive place. The toilet, as well as the massage parlor, are located in the basement of the Hong Kong Supermarket. This supermarket is the sister venue to the Manhattan one.

I stepped inside of the toilet, which you normally need a key to gain access to. If you need the key, simply go up to any single one of the basement venues and ask for the key. After stepping inside one of the stalls, I quickly realized my mistake. The floor of the toilet was completely drenched in urine, and none of the toilets were flushed! There was urine all of the floor and the seats. I was completely grossed out.

To make matters worse, the walls of the stalls were literally smeared with feces and graffiti pointing to the feces. After wiping down the toilet enough for me to actually sit on it, I had to hold my breath while I laughed at the graffiti while I released a nice #2. I have conveniently attached photos of the graffiti in this post. I'd like to think that I left a positive contribution behind.

This is literally the most disgusting toilet I have ever used. Well, not quite.
JuicyFoot Male, 46 years old.
Flushing, New York
On December 13, 2013, 10:17 am
What I Did in Here: took a very smelly and forced #2; held my nose the whole time