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Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates @ 40 Holland St

40 Holland St
02144 Somerville , MA
United States
(617) 629-6000
Davis Square
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Medical Centers

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Satisfied and relieved

Public restrooms in Davis Square are hard to find. There are lots of fun places to hang out, but squatters' rights are reserved for paying customers only. So, if you are in a hurry, here's a little gem that could really do in a, um, pinch.

This is basically a big HMO, with lots of doctors' offices and specialists. Restrooms – many of them single-occupancy – are scattered throughout. My suggestion would be to go the third floor and just spiral out from the staircase. You'll quickly find single-hole unisex restrooms, no questions asked.

The downside is that these aren't really fun pit stops. The restrooms are clean, but not necessarily charming: very institutional, with emergency cords and little bins for urine samples (it IS a doc's office, after all).

Unfortunately, it's only open 8am-6pm on weekdays...but, still, if it's a weekend or a night, you're probably at the movies or at a restaurant and have other options for facilities.
onthegojoe Male, 41 years old.
Somerville, Massachusetts
On January 14, 2014, 12:51 pm
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