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Brooklyn College @ 2900 Bedford Ave

2900 Bedford Ave
11210 Brooklyn , NY
United States
(718) 951-5001
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Bottled water and a bag of Dirty potato chips.

Typical of a campus this size, there are bathrooms upon bathrooms, and some are way better than others. The best ones by far are located in Boylan Hall and my absolute favorite is the one in Boylan's basement.

To the right of the building's main entrance are some stairs that lead to the basement. The cafeteria is to your left and the bookstore is to your right. Head right towards the bookstore and take another right. The bathroom's on your left.

The stalls are normal sized. That is, there's enough room to do your business without your knees touching the door when you squat. There are stalls on the left and right. If you use the ones on the right, you will find a sort of window ledge that runs along the length of them. While you piss, this is a surprisingly good place to put your stuff.

There's also a good deal of traffic at this bathroom, but it is a clean and reliable restroom nonetheless. Toilet paper, soap, paper towel. Don't worry about it, it's there. One of the main reasons this place is so popular with the ladies is the vanity area when you first enter the bathroom. It's quite large, able to accommodate about five people comfortably. There's plenty of counter space for your shit and a whole lot of mirror. If you still can't get enough of your face, there's yet another mirror to double check your status as you're exiting the bathroom.

Accessibility is not usually an issue. Even if you aren't a student here, it's often quite easy to get in. A good trick is to simply say that you've forgotten your student I.D. Yes, they'll ask for some sort of state identification, but only so they can see your name and write up a temporary I.D for you to carry around.
slackerology Female, 31 years old.
Brooklyn, New York
On November 17, 2013, 11:54 am
What I Did in Here: Peed and fixed my face.