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The Brooklyn Brewery @ 79 N 11th St

79 N 11th St
11211 Brooklyn , NY
United States
(718) 486-7422
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Expect to bring your own!
Williamsburg - North Side
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The Scrawl on the Wall

Thai food and a donut. Ready to burst

A brewery with a tasting room where you can try 15 different beers and use "tokens" versus money to purchase aforementioned beers will surely lead to some full bladders.

The Brooklyn Brewery's bathroom is definitely designed and maintained with the "it's just gonna be covered in piss soon anyway" mentality. It's no one's fault, after all this place can hold a good 200-300 hipsters at a time, and we all know how careless Brooklynites who ride bikes, have stupid mustaches and dress like they're poor are. If you need to drop a deuce, this is definitely not the place, but luckily you can just get drunk enough to convince yourself you're not gonna shit your pants, or that you actually don't mind sitting on seats full of hipster-piss.

With multiple urinals, they did take into account the masses of men needing to empty the hose. The concrete floor does a good job of making you wonder if that's piss or spilled beer pooling below your Chuck Taylors. Half drank and quarter full plastic beer cups with the Brewery's logo always occupy the tops of the urinals making it seem like you're at a football game. The Brewery does a good job in having taller and shorter urinals respectfully. Not sure if it's designed for well endowed men or children, but since kids aren't allowed into the establishment, my guess is they had me in mind when they made those ones that are very close to the ground. That or people who don't want to splash themselves with their own urine (always a pet peeve of mine).

The Brooklyn Brewery's bathroom is straight out of a 1980s bowling alley. Provided it's not a busy day, anyone can sneak in and use it, but Saturday and Sundays they let people in like 5 at a time, thus making the appeal of the brewery greater. Not to say it's not great already. Their bathroom on the other hand, just serves to get you back buying more beer, well done Brooklyn Brewery, well done.
TINMAN Male, 38 years old.
Brooklyn, New York
On November 14, 2013, 6:09 pm
What I Did in Here: peed, like 9 diff times. Not a #2 venue, unless you're the first one in there.