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BLT Steak @ 1625 I St NW

1625 I St NW
20006 Washington, DC
United States
(202) 689-8999
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Practically a hotel suite!
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Steak and feeling awesome

Although I missed my calling as king, this place made me feel like royalty. The type of escape I dream of. There was no one in there handing out mints or chewing gum, but lets be honest... who wants a witness. Its a small dark bathroom with light music and plenty of privacy. This is the kind of bathroom that a steak house is built around. Make sure you get there early or late for lunch because from 12-1PM, the restaurant is packed. I recommend the truffle oil mash potatoes.
DCAristocrap Male, 37 years old.
On December 2, 2013, 3:19 pm
What I Did in Here: you know what I did