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Bamboo 52 @ 344 W 52nd St

344 W 52nd St
10019 New York , NY
United States
(212) 315-2777
Toilet Paper: 
Somewhat well-stocked.
Hell's Kitchen
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Sushi Bars

The Scrawl on the Wall

Sushi. And I feel like fireworks.

No wait (although I've been here before and seen a couple people standing by the door).

It was very clean. Smelled good. There was a no smoking sign on the paper towel dispenser, though. Which just made me squats get so good you have to smoke a cigarette after them? Am I doing it wrong?

The water pressure in the toilet was pretty low. I think most trips will be a two-flush job. Not that I would know. I'm just saying...based on...well...never mind.

Nothing really stands out. It's not luxury or premium, but it gets the j-o-b d-o-n-e. And it seems like they wouldn't mind you running in to use it and then running back out, which is crucial in the Big Apple where you usually have to be 21 to pee.
namebrandnyc Male, 36 years old.
New York, New York
On December 5, 2013, 3:12 pm
What I Did in Here: Gentlemen never tell