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2 Birds 1 Stone @ 1800 14th St NWBasement

1800 14th St NWBasement
20009 Washington, DC
United States
Toilet Paper: 
Somewhat well-stocked.
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Cocktail Bars

The Scrawl on the Wall

beer, chicken wings and a beef

Two Birds One Stone is this new basement bar on 14th street that is part of some other restaurant whose name I can't remember, but I'm sure that restaurant is fine too.

The restrooms are two single occupancy units with one designated for men and the other for women even though they are the same, except for probably the wallpaper.

On this particular Friday night I had a long wait for this bathroom and it made me pretty upset. The line was not long -- I was actually first in line -- but the guy who was in there was taking forever. Eventually, a girl showed up to wait in line for the women's and that bothered me because I was planning on going in that one if the woman finished earlier. Turns out she did, but I was shit out of luck.

Pretty soon I started talking to the guy in line with me, yes a line had started to form, and I kind of started saying that I hoped the guy in this bathroom was either passing a kidney stone or had a woman in there with him. I said all of this loud enough that he could hear me through the walls. Personally, I hoped for neither because I did not want to enter and see the remnants of this, but due to his duration I was preparing myself for the worst while also trying to shame him into hurrying up.

Eventually, he left the bathroom and when I entered everything was in its right place. No gag inducing smells, he did not leave with a lady, and everything was fine.

Overall, the bathroom was fancy in that modern way where they try to give everything clean lines with a bit of futuristic and vintage features plus a little naughtiness when they can. A wall of nude pin-up girls fulfills the vintage and naughty side and nice fixtures meet the futuristic requirements. However, I would love it if some bathroom went too futuristic and had like a self-heating toilet seat, but the bathroom could also talk to you like Siri or Her. That would freak me out, but I might love it.

I'm gonna have to deduct some points from my bathroom review because of my long wait and the fact that people from the restaurant from upstairs can use this bathroom. It is like they are begging for long lines.
gunnergetya Male, 35 years old.
On January 26, 2014, 11:58 pm
What I Did in Here: #1 while looking at classy vintage naked women on the wall