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Roobios Tea and 2 Oatmeal Raisin cookies

Okay, so before my story, this place has REALLY clean bathrooms, 2 of them, open to the public all the time. One is on the main floor diagonally across from the counter and it's usually taken. The one up the stairs to the left(then a sharp right turn and then straight ahead) is really quiet, rarely taken, and a super great place to take a lengthy and uninterrupted dump. Make SURE you lock the door though!

The food here is good, the pastries are better, the hot drinks are well made, and the cookies are freakin' amazing, especially the oatmeal raisin ones! A bit pricey however but standard for Manhattan. You can even fill up your water bottle with filtered water and they have lemon water! Oh and did I metion they even serve beer on tap?


Okay, so one night a few months ago I walked in late, just before closing with a few friends. My largest friend (who shall remain nameless) made a beeline for the lower bathroom as he had to crap REALLY BAD! He was dropping bombs on the way and would not have lasted much longer without crapping his pants.

So he destroyed the toilet, leaving with a big grin. In the meantime the rest of us grabbed tea or coffee and I swear that not 30 seconds passed when the cutest Barista girl who we all knew opened the bathroom door to clean it...

Well, we sat there as a look came over her face like someone had hit her with a two by four dipped in dead bodies. She exclaimed "no freakin' way!!!" and walked away. We all nearly died as our buddy had a proud look on his face to accompany his relief.

It was a good night! :)
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What I Did in Here: waiting for a friend to get out of work on Thursday