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Pizza and soda - noncha

Bowling alley crappers – try saying that 3 times fast. Free parking and entrance. Walk through two sets of double doors, make a left pass the huge desk on your left walk a little further and the bathroom is (you guessed it)on your left. It put me in the mind of a high school locker room minus the jock sweat. It was clean with no bad smells. The only thing that bothered me was the lighting. I couldn't see the color of my piss. It was way too dark in there as if a dark shadow was hovering over the stalls; otherwise, I would have rated it a 4. Other than that I felt okay taking a whiz in there.
Willdo Female, 40 years old.
Douglasville, Georgia
On January 18, 2014, 9:33 pm
What I Did in Here: Urination elimination.

Black Pepper Chicken and more water -feeling hydrated.

I bring you good news from the land of Booboos. After hanging out in Underground Atlanta for a while, I figured I could use some fresh air. I found a great parking space adjacent to the Waffle House and right across the street from Centennial Park for only three bucks. There are free spots around there, but they are usually a bit of a hike and you really have to fight for one.

I took a stroll in the park, admiring its beauty, inhaling some good oxygen and once I downed my last bottle of water it was time for a tinkle. I made my way toward the regular bathroom but to my surprise it was out of order; however, the attendee of the temporary ice skating rink pointed me to what looked like a trailer. So at first I was weary about going up the steps and into this trailer sitting the middle of the park to pee, but once again I had waited too long.

Once I stepped inside it was simply marvelous. It smelled wonderful - some kind of soft berry smell. It was beautifully decorated and impeccably clean. I think it had about four stalls and every single one was clean. There was also a small electric heater sitting in the corner and it gave the bathroom a warm 'at home' type of feeling.

I wouldn’t say that it was sexy; however, it was definitely very romantic. Not to be weird or anything, but I could have definitely kissed someone in there and not felt nasty. I still did my normal routine of wiping the seat off and lining it with paper. And the seat was very comfortable. That little tinkle buggy was definitely a winner!
Willdo Female, 40 years old.
Atlanta, Georgia
On January 18, 2014, 3:45 am
What I Did in Here: Urinated or shall I say dehydrated.

Water and juice which left me feeling like a broken faucet.

Water, water everywhere and not a pot to piss! What I believe to be the main entrance of Underground Atlanta is directly across the street from the MARTA Five Points Station at the corner of Alabama St SW and Peachtree St SW. I parked at the nearest parking garage, which was on the left side of the first right turn after I saw MARTA Five Points Station sitting on my left. I had been holding my urine for about 45 minutes while sitting in the heavy Friday traffic and one cough or laugh could have meant a dam break of the fearless “Golden River”.

I grabbed my parking ticket, parked in the first open parking space and hurried towards the glass encased entrance. When I got in the door I turned to the right and sprinted down the escalator. Once at the bottom, I looked to the right, saw the restroom and instantly began feeling some sense of satisfaction as if I had won a race against my urine. With my head held high I marched into the fairly decent access point. And then after turning the corner, I got this eerie feeling as if I had just made “The WRONG TURN”. I was seriously horrified walking down the filthy, polluted hall pass the men’s room and to the ladies room. (Hold on I think I need to throw up…okay I’m better now).

I opened the door to the women’s bathroom and it just got worse from there. There were brown spots all over the floor, the grout looked like a breeding ground for mold and mildew and there was trash everywhere and it wasn’t just tissue. And oh –the smell- left me wondering if just maybe someone came in and tried to mop the floors and the wall with peepee.

I actually contemplated peeing on myself, but being a good squatter, I squatted over the pot and pissed hoping that nothing would jump onto my buttocks from that distance. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Underground Atlanta, but something seriously needs to be done about that particular bathroom. If you’re visiting, I suggest you go down the vendor alleyway and use the bathroom in one of the restaurants in the food court.
Willdo Female, 40 years old.
Atlanta, Georgia
On January 18, 2014, 2:12 am
What I Did in Here: Pissed.

Ice Cream- I love it but it hates me and enjoys bowel dancing.

As I left the chilly, early evening air and dashed into Arbor Place Mall through the main entrance like I have done so many times before, I found myself rendered immobile for a brief second. “Oh no, “I thought, “not again!” I felt like maybe I had to pass gas, but I could not take chance of a fart turning into a “shart”. It was a feeling I knew all too well. Bubbling, swelling, fiery and eager to be free, but why? “Oh; of course, the ice cream I ate earlier.”

For years I’ve had this ongoing love-hate relationship with cookie dough ice cream. I yearn for it like most women my age yearn for a soul mate. It; however, does not return my admiration. It tricks me with its beauty and sweet fatty elements. As soon as I have satisfied my appetite, the ice cream lingers in my intestines waiting for the perfect moment to ruin my day with its favorite dance – the Lactotrot.

Realizing that I was now obligated to perform in the “Revenge of the Ice Cream” twirkathon, I begin to take very tight, rapid steps towards the escalator that lead to the nearest bathroom. I grabbed a hold of the hands of the four children who accompanied me and commenced dragging them up the escalator on what felt like a hike to the top of Mount Everest. After conquering the mountain, I scurried to left, through the food court, to the hall in the far left corner where I found a great reprieve - the bathroom.

Following my belly swayed instincts, I zoomed into the first female entrance way, taking a glimpse of cleanliness only to be knocked back by an invisible reek that I can only describe as “something fishy”. Unable to bare the smell; I swooshed out of there, still clinging to my troops and darted down the hall to the family restroom – which made more sense anyway.

Walking through the door it stunk of old mop water, but that smell was an upgrade from the one that slapped me in the nose earlier. Once through the door, I rattled off instructions of “Sit here, don’t move and yell if someone tries to snatch you!,” While at the same time slinging the children on the bench which sat in front of two more doors; one a male bathroom and one a female bathroom. I reached for the female bathroom door which appeared to be dirty and worn down like a prop from an old horror movie.

And when I opened it, to my surprise it smelled wonderful and it appeared to be very clean. The only odd thing about the appearance was the hole in the wall to the left as you’re walking in. I’m thinking it could have been made by the door handle or maybe a fist because it was definitely big enough. It had been stuffed with tissue, but it was still very creepy.

As usual I wiped the seat off, lined it with the well supplied toilet paper and went to battle with the infamous cookie dough ice cream. After it kicked my tale and I did my hygiene thing I only longed for a deodorizer that would allow me to leave the bathroom smelling as good as it did when I entered.
Willdo Female, 40 years old.
Douglasville, Georgia
On January 17, 2014, 12:02 am
What I Did in Here: We'll just call it "The Lactotrot" - a cross between the "DoDo Brown" and the "Drop it like its Hot" dances.