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I'm not picky. Or finicky. Or a germaphobe. What matters most to me is privacy, the john having everything I need, and not having to wait. I mean, really, when you gotta go, you gotta go. I'm not flexing my bladder an extra 3 minutes just for a Dyson.And I love a Dyson. I'm in Harlem a lot. And sometimes Midtown. I love sports, sports bars, happy hours, and brunch. I'm a single, 31-year-old guy with no kids and no reservations about using public restrooms, but I still prefer the privacy of my own throne. I go into most restrooms at restaurants because I like to wash my hands before I eat.
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Sushi. And I feel like fireworks.

No wait (although I've been here before and seen a couple people standing by the door).

It was very clean. Smelled good. There was a no smoking sign on the paper towel dispenser, though. Which just made me squats get so good you have to smoke a cigarette after them? Am I doing it wrong?

The water pressure in the toilet was pretty low. I think most trips will be a two-flush job. Not that I would know. I'm just saying...based on...well...never mind.

Nothing really stands out. It's not luxury or premium, but it gets the j-o-b d-o-n-e. And it seems like they wouldn't mind you running in to use it and then running back out, which is crucial in the Big Apple where you usually have to be 21 to pee.
namebrandnyc Male, 36 years old.
New York, New York
On December 5, 2013, 3:12 pm
What I Did in Here: Gentlemen never tell

Grilled chicken and salad. I feel light and amazing.

I asked the waitress where the restroom was and she pointed towards the kitchen. And sure enough the unisex restroom door was across from the kitchen opening. Automatically intimidating because if I really needed to pop a squat, that means the smell will waft right to the kitchen and to people's food. That's a lotta pressure.

There was no line or wait. And it's a private squat, which I enjoy. Just me, a toilet and a sink — it's my second favorite threesome combination (the first one involves cupcakes). It was clean and smelled really really good (hmmm...maybe to mitigate the smells that could seep into the kitchen and dining room?). Then the small problems appeared.

First, the black toilet seat was black, so it would be hard to tell if it's clean. Secondly, it was broken. Like a piece of it was missing. So if I did want to aromatically contaminate the kitchen, this would prove quite inconvenient, as I might have to hover (which I might have done, anyway, because I don't recall seeing covers).

Second, they were out of paper towels, which means I had to air dry. Only awkward if you have to shake hands upon leaving. I didn't. I told the busboy and I assume he took care of that problem.

Overall, it was really clean and I wouldn't hesitate to wash my hands or take a leak. But I wouldn't do a BM for a couple of reasons. Unless the food was bad. I'd take a dump en lieu of a Yelp review. Does that make me mean? The food wasn't bad.
namebrandnyc Male, 36 years old.
New York, New York
On December 2, 2013, 2:56 pm
What I Did in Here: Emptied my bladder, washed my hands