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Artist, creator, and innovator. I love a clean lou…or shall I say moon house! I am a bit of a germaphobe and I need for things to be tidy. NYC is one of those places where restrooms are hit or miss. This site is awesome!
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Life Thyme is one of my

Life Thyme is one of my favorite spots to grab an organic smoothie or juice. They have a cute and comfortable cafe on the upper level along with a beauty section. When you walk into Life Thyme, you feel as if you are apart of a club. You are embraced by people who share the same vision as you…which is healthy living. But one thing about healthy living is healthy bowels! Life Thyme has a restroom that is the size of my pinky toe and it seems to hold on to smells in this obsessive way. I mean lets face it, this little toilet probably endures more than most NYC toilets because it is the only toilet for the entire organic market. Let's just say that this little bathroom has character. My time in the Life Thyme bathroom is always fast, full of anxiety, and uncomfortable. I never want to touch or look at anything, I just want to handle my business and flee. My moments in this tiny closet have been short and painfully smelly. If you decide to frequent this toilet just be sure to make it a speedy process. I am always afraid of getting attacked by unknown germs and particles.

Good luck!
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On January 17, 2014, 11:04 am
What I Did in Here: The number one of course!