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I like to stay on top of my bathroom needs. When I sense the need to tinkle, I hope to find a clean, stain-free toilet to drop my waste. But, for the past 40+ years, that has been a challenge!
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I ate cereal 30 seconds ago and I feel great!

I love going to the movies. What makes it even more enjoyable is this public bathroom has plenty of stalls which means minimum delay headed to my flick of choice.

Despite the fact that these stalls don’t offer the best lighting, I confidently approach the white dome. The seats are black, so it’s a little hard to tell if someone left random puddle drops of pee, but I lay down my tissue and plop my butt down!

Aaaahhhh, there’s enough room to sigh, put my head on my lap or stretch my legs if needed. I can hang my purse and my coat without worrying either will fall on the traditional disgusting bathroom floor.

All is well when I reach for the tissue and BINGO…it is there. Automatic flushing, gather my belongings and out the door I go. I do wish they had paper towels for that post hand-washing moment, but hey, in this economy a movie theatres gotta save money somewhere!

Happy flushing!
justwannapoo Female, 52 years old.
York, Pennsylvania
On January 13, 2014, 10:53 am
What I Did in Here: Saw a movie...actually I was tricked into seeing some movie teenagers would enjoy...but it was good.

I ate cereal 3 minutes ago and I feel great!

Oh, if all of humanity were half as generous as book lovers, the toilets of the world would be proud!

My local library’s bathroom rocks! I don’t mean the toilet actually does a dance, but this venue is always so easy to maneuver. It is well lit, has two spots for mom’s to place their kids and always, I do mean, always has enough paper products! What more could a woman ask?

Oh…oh…I can share – all a woman asks is…(drumroll)…no pee drops or stains on the seat! Yes! Yes! I’m not sure how this public bathroom manages to keep those yellow spots to a bare minimum, but it does a grand ol’ fantastic job.

Whenever I’m running errands and need to make a pit stop, especially since I don’t drive, I head to my local library where every moment of relief is welcomed with an obsessive, compulsively clean, public-friendly toilet.
Happy flushing!
justwannapoo Female, 52 years old.
York, Pennsylvania
On January 13, 2014, 10:51 am
What I Did in Here: I urinated -- FINALLY! Whew...that was a relief!