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Steam, punk

Listen, when I told people I was moving to Brooklyn they all laughed in my face and referred to me as something called a "hipstor" which I'd never heard before and I think they made up. They told me that Brooklyn was full of ridiculous art snobs and people that over think the aesthetic of every little part of life to a point that it makes them intolerable to be around and frankly, makes any normal person's American red blood curdle in annoyance. I thought they were just being dopey small town rednecks who antagonize any forward thinking progressive city and fear the entire world outside of their own zipcodes. But then I went to Black Brick Coffee and was confronted by something that made me rethink every decision I had ever made in my life. A steampunk toilet.

Black Brick has one restroom that contains a toilet that at it's core is just a regular old western style throne, but instead of a standard back with an upper deck, from it's posterior rises a set of rusted metal pipes that smack of some fantastical bygone era of bowler hats and zeppelin pilotry. To flush it you have to stand up, turn around, pull a chain from the ceiling and yell "hoy paloy!" like some kind of vest wearing venture capitalist. Then steam shoots everywhere and the whole building turns into that spider thing from Wild Wild West. Weird, wild stuff.
JackieFlowers Male, 31 years old.
Brooklyn, New York
On January 15, 2014, 6:26 pm
What I Did in Here: pulled levers, turned wrenches, flew a zeppelin