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I’m Shanna, Texan-born, New York-transplant, lifetime writer and creative mind. I moved to New York from Texas all alone and with no job to pursue the goal of writing in some form. I am now a lead contributor and music editor for a New York-based blog, but I’m still thirsty. I graduated with a Psychology degree from a southern university about 5 years ago, but by the time I worked in my field for a year I already knew I was in the wrong place. I’d been writing tirelessly with no real choice in the matter, yearning for a different life for most of my young one. So in January of 2010 I took a vacation, stayed in a New York hostel for a week and came home with a signed lease for an Upper East Side apartment. Four years later, here I am in Brooklyn working odd jobs to pay my bills and keep the artist that brought me here alive. @bananainthecity
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Sausage. Tired.

Note: This review only pertains to the toilet in the Karpas Pavilion on the 6th floor.

This bathroom is startlingly gross for a hospital. It ALWAYS smells like piss. I'm not sure if they ever clean it. On a regular basis I try to wipe the dried toilet paper from the seat to discover it's the seat itself. I'm afraid to put any of my belongings on the floor, but there are no hooks on the door.

The toilet paper isn't on a roll, so it repeatedly falls to the disgusting floor. I'd wager money that AIDS originated here, and yet I continue to use this restroom, because I don't want kidney stones and finding a bathroom to use in New York is almost as hard as finding a decent man.

I'm usually drinking coffee when I come onto this floor, and after my trip to this restroom, I usually throw it away so I don't contract some sort of disease that puts me into one of the beds at Beth Israel.

Consensus: It's gross
BootyPoop Female, 31 years old.
New York, New York
On January 15, 2014, 12:40 am
What I Did in Here: Carefully went number 1

Sausage. Tired.

Post-American Hustle, cue bathroom hustle.

Honestly, considering how many people frequent a movie theater bathroom, not terrible. However, it was a Monday... No need to flush someone's used toilet water, but there were a few stray TP streamers that could have been swept up. Feels like it could be a war zone on a weekend night.

Three stalls for the whole floor. Come on...seriously? Few hundred chicks looking at Bradley Cooper and holding it in for two and half hours? Gimme a break. You need at least 10 stalls, and that's if you only want a cat fight.
BootyPoop Female, 31 years old.
Brooklyn, New York
On January 15, 2014, 12:30 am
What I Did in Here: Quick squirt

Honey Nut Cheerios with whole milk. Feels good

Off the bat, my complaint for these bathrooms is the same as my complaint for the entire business. It's crowded.

That said, it's practically free yoga, in a city where that can cost $20 an hour. So I'll stand in line and do some kegels.

Bathrooms here are always clean and well stocked. Typically a little warm, due to the temperature they keep the classrooms, but at least that makes for no cold toilet seats. My butt is happy with that.

The line is a huge downfall, since there is no rule about people changing clothes in the restroom, despite the presence of changing curtains. I'm a quick pisser. I get in and out. But many, many...many people who practice at YTTP are far from that, and it's almost necessary to show up 15 minutes earlier just to use the bathroom.

But there is a bathroom. And it's clean. When the other neighborhood options are Starbucks and McDonald's or buying something from Chipotle, I'll take it.
BootyPoop Female, 31 years old.
New York, New York
On January 12, 2014, 1:40 pm
What I Did in Here: Tinkle