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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: My rear is extremely sensitive to rough toilet paper, especially the crappy kinds they have in publicly-accessible toilets. Even worse, there may not even be any toilet paper at all. Should I complain to the manager? What can I do about this?

A: Bring your own toilet paper (BYOTP) and stop crying about it. You're a guest, not royalty. What a lot of folks find helpful is saving leftover napkins from meals and coffee stops. You never know when you might need them!

Q: How can I become a part of the community, make friends, and write funny reviews of my favorite toilets?

A: It's simple. Create an account and start squatting away. The more you review, the more your profile will become noticed in the community and beyond. Sign up for an account before your preferred user name is taken!

Q: I am a potential advertiser, and I would like to purchase a banner ad. How do I get in touch with the appropriate resources?

A: Get in touch with Michael via the contact form at the top of the website. Servers aren't cheap, so any form of a corporate partnership will be considered, so long as the products coincide with ToiletFinder's vision of making toilets accessible to all.

Q: Your "Nearest Toilet Locator Tool" is really cool. How did you build it?

A: Thanks. Michael Li, the creator of is also the inventor of "ToiletRank" - the algorithm behind this powerful, instantaneous, and life-saving tool. The community has been wonderful in providing feedback, suggestions, bug-fixes, and feature requests to Michael. He deeply loves, and views and treats his fellow squatters as his own family. Indeed, he has even on occasion taken a couple of Toilet Finders out to lunch and coffee.

Q: When is the official mobile app coming out?

A: Demand for an official app has been overwhelming, and Michael is working as quickly as he humanly can in order to get this out to both iOS and Android app stores. It's going to take some time, so relax. In the meantime - use the website on your phone. All of the current mobile apps that are available for "toilet finder" are imitations (fakes). Use them at your own risk.

Q: I am a venue owner or employee. My toilet is for customers only. Can I have my venue removed from your website?

A: No. Your customers still have the power to review your toilet.

Q: I'm a venue owner or employee. My toilet is extremely unsanitary. I haven't cleaned it in months, and it is even potentially dangerous to all of my customers. Can I please remove my venue from your website?

A: No, absolutely not. In fact, the website was created in part to EXPOSE venues such as yours. I would strongly suggest that you hire a professional plumber or cleaner in order to immediately improve your ToiletFinder rating.

Q: As a sitter (woman) or stander (man), is there a limit to the number of squats (reviews) I can make on the website?

A: No, there's no limit. In fact, it's highly encouraged. The first squatter of a venue's toilet becomes the janitor, aka official owner of that venue forever. Features such as "Meet our friendly janitor" are currently being built to greatly increase the visibility of janitors, so review your favorite venues before it's too late.

Q: Once a janitor for my favorite venue has already been determined, can that ever change?

A: No, sorry. Squat your other favorite venues before those are taken too.

Q: My city is not covered on Will you ever expand to my city?

A: It depends. Right now, the site mainly represents venues in the North Eastern part of the United States. Eventually, yes - especially if you live in a major city.

Q: My favorite venue is not listed on the site. Can you please add it so that I may become the janitor?

A: Yes. Email us via the contact form at the top of the website, and we will notify you as soon as your venue has been added.