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Centennial Olympic Park @ 265 Park Ave NW

265 Park Ave NW
30313 Atlanta , GA
United States
(404) 222-7275
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The Scrawl on the Wall

Black Pepper Chicken and more water -feeling hydrated.

I bring you good news from the land of Booboos. After hanging out in Underground Atlanta for a while, I figured I could use some fresh air. I found a great parking space adjacent to the Waffle House and right across the street from Centennial Park for only three bucks. There are free spots around there, but they are usually a bit of a hike and you really have to fight for one.

I took a stroll in the park, admiring its beauty, inhaling some good oxygen and once I downed my last bottle of water it was time for a tinkle. I made my way toward the regular bathroom but to my surprise it was out of order; however, the attendee of the temporary ice skating rink pointed me to what looked like a trailer. So at first I was weary about going up the steps and into this trailer sitting the middle of the park to pee, but once again I had waited too long.

Once I stepped inside it was simply marvelous. It smelled wonderful - some kind of soft berry smell. It was beautifully decorated and impeccably clean. I think it had about four stalls and every single one was clean. There was also a small electric heater sitting in the corner and it gave the bathroom a warm 'at home' type of feeling.

I wouldn’t say that it was sexy; however, it was definitely very romantic. Not to be weird or anything, but I could have definitely kissed someone in there and not felt nasty. I still did my normal routine of wiping the seat off and lining it with paper. And the seat was very comfortable. That little tinkle buggy was definitely a winner!
Willdo Female, 39 years old.
Atlanta, Georgia
On January 18, 2014, 3:45 am
What I Did in Here: Urinated or shall I say dehydrated.