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Brasserie Les Halles @ 15 John St

15 John St
10038 New York , NY
United States
(212) 285-8585
Toilet Paper: 
Somewhat well-stocked.
Financial District
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Cheeseburger and like the glacier is poking the titanic

So I may or may not work here which may sound like cheating, but all that says to me is I know the way of the land. There are 3 different bathrooms (1 upstairs, 1 downstairs and 1 handicap only) and I recommend the one upstairs in the back of the restaurant. First off, it's completely secluded from the rest of the restaurant and the stall itself is spacey. I'm talking you got room to spread your legs, there's a coat hanger with two hooks that you can hang your jacket and book bag.

The best part is the door isn't far away so if you need something out of your jacket, like your iPod, BOOM it's an arms reach away. The bathrooms are cleaned multiple times a day, so it is usually clean. There is a nifty little trash can nearby so if you have the sniffles you can throw it in there instead of clogging the toilet more than you already have. There are two rolls of toilet paper with multiple back ups. And they use some 3-ply toilet paper, so it doesn't feel like sandpaper on your but (It's like a gentle massage on your rectum.)

The hardest part of this journey is the hostess greeting you at the door. But all you have to say is "I am meeting someone." And BAM you are free to go. I promise you they won't follow you to see if you are lying because more than likely they have to poop too.
PoopyDoopy Male, 28 years old.
New York, New York
On January 13, 2014, 12:04 am
What I Did in Here: I blew shit up.