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TJ Maxx @ 250 W 57th St

250 W 57th St
10107 New York , NY
United States
(212) 245-6201
Toilet Paper: 
Somewhat well-stocked.
Midtown West
Venue Category: 
Department Stores

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Bring your own TP. Prepare to

Bring your own TP. Prepare to wait on short line..

The reason I even waste my time on this bathroom review is that there is serious potential for improvement if TJ Maxx literally and figuratively gets their shit together. An efficient janitor needs to be hired as there was some old shit water splashed on the back of the toilet and the garbage probably hadn't been emptied in days. The bathroom is surprisingly fancy for a one person bathroom shoved in the back of a shoe dept of an off-price department store. And the people who shop there are quite civil. The elderly gentleman in front of me promised he would be quick and when he was finished, he assured me he put the seat down for me.

I don't like to write negative reviews, but this bathroom experience was especially upsetting because I really truly had to take a shit and I knew it was going to be a quick, easy dump that I could quickly pull off even with people waiting on me. That said, any one-person bathroom with both a wait and no toilet paper is going to earn itself one star max.

But I have the utmost faith that one day, TJ Maxx will not only be an excellent place to buy luxurious soap, but it will also be an excellent place to take a luxurious dump.

DoodyFreeGirls Male, 27 years old.
New York, New York
On January 8, 2014, 3:50 pm
What I Did in Here: guerilla marketing for Doody Free Girls


Summary - Run far, far away. I don't care how cheap their Christmas-themes socks are. You will contract Gonorrhea.

Well, well, well. So I picked-up boxing, and by picked it up I mean I payed for it but haven't gone, I digress.

So I need some more gym clothes, you know the ones that you buy that are baggy enough so that no one can tell that you are fat, but tight enough that it seems like you have made progress. (I had out eaten my other ones). So I thought well, I don't if I want to become a Maxxonista, or whatever ploy their marketing team is trying to suffocate me with. Savings. Great.

Or so I thought.

Ok before I get to the nasty excuses for a whole in the ground, I went looking for my fatnotfat clothes and camp upon some shorts and I looked down at that tag and it said "$100" and I said Hell to the naw.

I looked up and down that store so that I could cuss somebody out. How dare you, witcha nasty bathroom, charge me $100 so that I can kinda feel like i'm accomplishing something. They are GYM shorts. Not i'm going to the white house shorts, not I'm surfing in Hawaii and there are paparazzi taking my pictures shorts, these are regular ass shorts.

Ok so I was mad to say the least.

I said let me check out this bathroom. It's located just to the left of the "Sale" table. That's in quotes because i'm sure they will charge you just to look at it.

You go through the shoe "department". (Ok now i'm just putting quotes around things for fun) and then you arrive at a corner with a bunch of socks, thermal socks to be exact.

So I am waiting to use the bathroom. Confused as to why there is only one, but ok ok, I'll shut my mouth and wait.

I then begin to hear sounds of horror. Flush. Flush. Rumble. Flush. Someone coughing. (oh wait I think I started coughing) ok but regardless there was something going wrong in there.

So I finally hear the faucet and then out comes a woman, she was russian and she looked as though she had been through the cold war. she looked at her daughter, who was waiting in line ahead of me. And said something in russian, then "no good, no good."

I was in slight disbelief. So I said to myself "OOOOO, this is gonna be a good one.

I walk in there and the smell kicked me in the face, so I needed a moment to recover.

As my vision came back to me, I looked around and my eyes found the culprit. The toilet was clloooooggggggggeeeeeeedddd. So badly, I mean the picture doesn't even sum it up. It was a had to be there kind of thing.

I literally ran and ran and ran and ran until I reached freedom.

DON'T GO. DON'T GO. DO. NOT. GO. I would give this no stars if I could.
Cowpie09 Male, 27 years old.
New York, New York
On November 24, 2013, 2:31 pm
What I Did in Here: Took a picture of the nastyness that occured.