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Le Diplomate @ 1601 14th Street NW

1601 14th Street NW
20009 Washington, DC
United States
(202) 332-3333
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Very well-stocked.
Logan Circle
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The Scrawl on the Wall

A bunch of French food and a bottle of wine. I'm feeling great.

So for international restaurants it is hard to know if the theme is authentic or an American impersonation of this foreign dining experience. Many places avoid this confusion by becoming "fusion" restaurants. Le Diplomate does not such thing. This place aims to be French through and through, and the theme continues in the bathroom.

There is nothing futuristic or modern about this bathroom. There are no shiny new gadgets or cool lighting arrangements. This bathroom wants to make you feel like you are in a France that could not care about technology because "nous sommes francais" and therefore we don't need to care about gadgets. Everything works so why change it.

The bathroom looked like a slightly modern version of 60's or 70's French bathroom. Two urinals that extend to the floor and two or three stalls. The urinals had motion sensors, so that was very modern. The sinks were also old school with separate faucets for hot and cold water. Very French.

However, the coup de grace of this bathroom was the wallpaper. When you walk in you don't notice the wallpaper at first, but I gave it a look as I washed my hands, and low and behold the wallpaper is a random assortment of vintage era black and white French magazine clippings featuring a wide array of nude and scantily clad women. Definitely worth a peak as you enter and exit, but no one should be a creep and linger or gaze at the wallpaper. Le Diplomate is not that kind of establishment.

This bathroom got it done. I can't vouch for the authenticity of its French features, but it was clean, well designed and had a subtle treat as you enter and exit.
gunnergetya Male, 36 years old.
On December 17, 2013, 12:33 pm
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