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Wilbur Wright College @ 4300 N Narragansett Ave

4300 N Narragansett Ave
60634 Chicago , IL
United States
(773) 481-8070
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Colleges & Universities

The Scrawl on the Wall

Pizza and Lasagne

This school is one of the best places to get free poops. I've been pooping since I was knee high, and the free pooping here is liberating. Plentiful, sanitized, and well-stocked this school is home of all types of diverse and intellectual turds that one day may be someone's boss!

"But, Squatter, how does one find a turd deposit in the Chicago City Colleges Information technology hub?", a young crapper/student may ask. Well the rule to always follow is, "ASK SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE THEY WORK THERE." When you walk in from the many entrances you will notice a command center of security guards who help salvage the butt-wipes you would of missed if one had sharted. Just ask the magic words and they will send you in deeper to the stinky goods.

Now if you are scared of security guards and strangers just find the Arts building sign, which like all the other directional indicators is right above a tube (heh), and the most frequented and easiest to find male restroom which comes with its own sign on your right. Your Welcome!

Pooping comes easy for an expert like myself; one painful grunt and I left a vague, yet, Cthulu like poo-baby. For you non experts, try imagining the confines of a high school restroom bombarded with college poo-thoughts like "One does not simply poo in Mordor.", or " It is not what your poo can do for you, but where you can poo in your country!". You may feel a little more inspired knowing that these city colleges were all found upon some of the nation's most prominent civil right's activist dreams of us all being considered equal regardless of race, religion, and/or creed. If this doesn't give you more pride in your poop try milk of magnesia, because you are honestly constipated.
GrigoriRasputin1988 Male, 29 years old.
Chicago, Illinois
On December 13, 2013, 2:09 pm
What I Did in Here: I wrote "Cordell 4 Life" on the wall