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Trader Joe's @ 6831 Wisconsin Ave

6831 Wisconsin Ave
20815 Bethesda , MD
United States
(301) 907-0982
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Somewhat well-stocked.
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The Scrawl on the Wall

Feeling Fearless on a Friday

Use this unisex bathroom at your own risk. No amount of Fearless(ness) will make it fine.

I visited this bathroom on a Saturday with my dear daughter who is 4. With a tortured look and wrinkled up little nose, she whispered "Mommy it smells in here" Usually she shouts this for all to hear, but apparently the worse it smells, the quieter she says it. And man, did it smell. Not sure why because the last person had flushed. With all of the scented items in Trader Joes, I would have expected something added for an air freshener, like a cinnamon broom, but no such luck. There was an empty flower vase - even flowers would have helped.

WORST PART - there was feces spattered on the back of the toilet seat. My little one started sprinting for the door when she saw that. Unfortunately she had to go really bad. Good news is that she is small enough to only use the front third of the seat.

Floors, sink, and everything else needed cleaned desperately. I appreciated the 2 stools for little ones to reach the sink, but they were black on top from filth. Dirt also around the inside door handle from many many dirty hands. So gross. There was also a random dirty papertowel lying on the table that held the empty flower vase.

Trader Joes - please find some fearless employees who can keep this bathroom clean. You are scaring the children.
mommyitsmellsinhere Female, 45 years old.
Bethesda, Maryland
On December 13, 2013, 9:12 am
What I Did in Here: My little one (4 yrs) had to pee