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Spice @ 104 2nd Ave

104 2nd Ave
10003 New York , NY
United States
(212) 533-8900
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Somewhat well-stocked.
East Village
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The Scrawl on the Wall

Tom yum soup & a gingerbread latte from Starbucks

With an expansive and affordable lunch menu, this looks like a happening spot for working and NYU locals. The place was booming, but we were seated quickly, service was equally fast, and the food was delicious. Go for the whole fish. The person I was with ordered this and good as my food was, his was way better.

The bathrooms are hidden in the back, men's and ladies', one toilet each. Crowded as it was in the restaurant, I was pleased at not having to wait in line, though as Toiletfinder mentions, this may be a rare case.

This is a clean bathroom, but paper towels would be nice. Despite my everlasting love of Airblade dryers, they're not particularly hygienic in a place like this. The slick little faucet knobs require a great deal of handling and I'd much prefer a paper towel buffer when touching them.

As for the toilet, the water pressure is weak and you may have to hold the handle down for several seconds to get everything to flush. For that reason, this may not be an ideal shitting hole, as there appears to be some risk of overwhelming the toilet. If you could care less about punishing the people behind you, then by all means, get your poop on.
slackerology Male, 31 years old.
Squatted At Spice @ 104 2nd Ave
New York, New York
On December 7, 2013, 1:33 pm
What I Did in Here: Peed and flossed.

thai iced tea, happy

The staff here is usually very accommodating, so I'm happy about that. The girl's bathroom is very clean, but once in awhile it's crowded trying to get in.
ToiletBot Male, 31 years old.
Squatted At Spice @ 104 2nd Ave
New York, New York
On November 2, 2013, 1:19 pm
What I Did in Here: peed